Men in Stockholm are the hottest men on the planet

6 Jun

Acording the web page Travelerdigest, men from Stockholm are the hottest in the entire world.

I can only agree on that statment, its been almost three years since I moved here and even though of course theres tastes for everyone, and theres more or less atractive men everywhere in the globe.

Swedish guys generally has a very own and unique style, different from the rest men,  and acording to Travelerligest, guys in Stockholm are even hotter than the rest of swedes. I suppose that this has a lot to do with the fact that men in Stockholm pay a lot of attention to trends and wear amazing clothes, as well as caring about the last minimal detail of their aspect such as wearing a well trimmed shave or just matching their coat with their shoes.

Travelerdigest, top 3 of the cities with the hottest men goes like that:

1. Stockholm, Sweden

2. New York, USA

3. Amsterdam, Holland

But, what is it really what makes swedish guys so special? Even though you need to be very patient to be able to seduce a swedish guy, and it can be a very slow process, once you have gained his heart, he will just be yours forever.

Here some good examples of good looking swedes:

 So, what do you think?


Una respuesta to “Men in Stockholm are the hottest men on the planet”

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