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The Vasa museum

7 Jul

Fachada del museo Vasa
The Vasa museum seen from outisde

The Vasa museum is the typical place where it doesn’t really matter how many times you have been before you still want to get back again and again, its by far, my favorite museum in the city and one of my favorite ones in the whole world.

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Stockholm from the water

2 Jul

I am back from my much needed holiday, the last three weeks been extremely useful for relaxing, rest, spend a large amount of hours swimming under the sun, and over all enjoy of this amazing swedish summer, but I have also had time to do some sightseeing.


Today i would like to share the boat tour I done by boat the 15th of june, when my parents were here visiting. The sightseeing company  strömma offers a whole lot of possibilities for seeing Stockholm from the water ( just want to remind you all, that Stockholm is an unique city that is build up on 14 different sized islands).

Barco en el que se hace la excursión "under the bridges"
Thats the boat used in the tour
We chose “under the bridges”, an almost 2 hours tour , that gets you mostly everywhere in the city center, passing through 15 of the most famous bridges of the city and seeing a whole lot of city sights.
The views are quite amazing, here is just a small example of what you can see while taking that tour.
Parque de Gröna Lund en la isla de Djurgården visto desde el tour
Gröna Lund amusment park in Djurgården
Slussen, la compuerta que divide el lago Mälaren y el mar báltico
Slussen, which divides the water from the Mälaren lake and the Baltic sea
Vista a Södermalm
Houses in Södermalm
Ayuntamiento de Estocolmo. Casualmente ese día había una carrera de velocidad en las aguas del lago Mälaren
Stockholm’s city hall
Västerbron, con el ayuntamiento de la ciudad a la iaquierda y Gamla Stan a la derecha
Durante el verano hay mucha actividad en el agua
Lots of people does activities in the water during summer time
Puente en la zona de Hammarby Sjöstad
Bridge in Hammary Sjöstad

Its possible to take that boat tour between april and september ( believe me, you wouldnt really want to sit in that boat in the winter with the frozen water), and it costs 220 sek ( about 28€/33 $) Children ages 6 to 11 pays just half price.

Boats departs every hour between 10 and 19pm from Strömkajen , just in front of the Grand Hôtel.


Vinterviken (english)

16 Jun

Vinterviken ( winter cave) is a bay in the Mälaren lake in the south of Stockholm, between Gröndal and Aspudden neighbourhoods.

The origin of its name comes from 1600 when that place was a part of the route that boats made in the ice, departing from Fittja until the lake Trehöringen ( which nowadays its named Trekanten).

Vinterviken has changed big time during its history, and developed from being a boring industrial area to a colorful residential one.


Alfred Nobel,   had his laboratory and factory located in Vinterviken, there is exactly the place where Nobel invented and started producing dynamite. The factory worked until the year 1921.

Nowadays Alfred Nobel’s factory is totally reconstructed, and lots of parties and weddings are taking place there.

Its possible to swim in the Mälaren water, here in Vinterviken.


In Vinterviken there are a lot of coffee shop and also some restaurants, and even a garden for organic agriculture.


Its also possible to rent a kayak and a lot other activities are possible in the area.

Totally worth a visit during summer time!


Kanelbulle (English)

8 Jun

If I should use a word to describe the smell of  Stockholm and the whole Sweden I have no doubt I would pick Cinnamon.

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Gamla Stan ( English)

7 Jun

I made a post  a couple of months back about the island of GAMLA STAN, which is the oldest island in the city, and which I like a lot.

Its fantastic to get lost in its narrow, colorful, magic streets. Some sunny day in march I grabbed my camera and after having lunch with a good friend in a nice restaurant located there I walked around.

Here is the result:

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