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Vinterviken (english)

16 Jun

Vinterviken ( winter cave) is a bay in the Mälaren lake in the south of Stockholm, between Gröndal and Aspudden neighbourhoods.

The origin of its name comes from 1600 when that place was a part of the route that boats made in the ice, departing from Fittja until the lake Trehöringen ( which nowadays its named Trekanten).

Vinterviken has changed big time during its history, and developed from being a boring industrial area to a colorful residential one.


Alfred Nobel,   had his laboratory and factory located in Vinterviken, there is exactly the place where Nobel invented and started producing dynamite. The factory worked until the year 1921.

Nowadays Alfred Nobel’s factory is totally reconstructed, and lots of parties and weddings are taking place there.

Its possible to swim in the Mälaren water, here in Vinterviken.


In Vinterviken there are a lot of coffee shop and also some restaurants, and even a garden for organic agriculture.


Its also possible to rent a kayak and a lot other activities are possible in the area.

Totally worth a visit during summer time!




12 Jun

Vinterviken (cueva invernal) es una bahía en el lago Mälaren, situada al sud de Estocolmo, entre los barrios de Gröndal y Aspudden. El origen del nombre Vinterviken se puede encontrar en 1600, entonces había una ruta invernal ( en el helado lago) que iba desde Fittja hasta el lago Trehörningen ( hoy en día conocido como trekanten) pasando por las islas del lago Mälaren.

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